Fully Insured
Police checked and Veterinary recommended

Michelle Tucker is one of those incredibly special people who very few of us are ever fortunate to meet.  Seven years on, I count her as a close personal friend and find she is still the most hardworking, caring, dedicated and honest person I have ever had the pleasure to meet.  I cannot recommend Michelle and TLC Pet Sitting highly enough.

Tracy Backhouse BVSc MRCVS
Veterinary Surgeon

I moved to Swindon 20 months ago and not knowing anyone in the area soon needed someone to look after my cats, dog and rabbits when I went away.
Not having children means my animals are my babies and their happiness and well-being is my primary concern at all times.

After ringing a few other companies (one never even bothered getting back to me) I found Michelle and TLC. I have used them ever since, and wouldn't use anyone else.

Right from the word go - I think I knew I was looking for someone different. I wasn't looking for someone to just feed and walk my animals. I wanted someone who would be a surrogate Mum or Aunty.

Someone who on the initial visit wouldn't try to impress me with an expensive car or a tidy uniform (dog hairs and comfortable walking shoes was a must)! But someone who would sit on the floor like me and make friends with my animals.

If you are looking for someone who genuinely loves animals - who will care for them as her own in your absence
use TLC. Michelle is friendly, honest, hardworking, and loves animals. She is 100% trustworthy and has had my key for many months 'just in case'

I cannot recommend her highly enough.
All my animals love her

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Joanne Phillips
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I would just like to say a few words about TLC. Sue and Michelle came round to meet the boys and I knew straight away there would be no problems they hit it off from the word go. I found it hard to start with as the boys used to be with us 24/7 but work banned us from taking the dogs in the lorry. It gave us piece of mind finding TLC. I know they are in good hands, well looked after and nothing is too much trouble for them. Our boys are very happy. Dawn



Are names are Tyke and Dudley and since being banned from Mum and Dad’s place of work they had to find someone else to look after us. After phoning around Mum got hold of TLC and two lovely ladies came round to meet us. We hit it off straight away and they come round twice a day to play and look after us, it’s great fun. Best of all it gives Mum and Dad piece of mind.



I have had the pleasure of having TLC look after my dog for the past three years. They come and walk Sunny twice a day 365 days a year and have never let us down. They are kind and caring and nothing is too much bother for them. I cannot recommend TLC highly enough. Joan Duffill



It is fantastic to see how excited Pippin is to see you every time you take him out for a walk. It has also been so reassuring to know that when I've had long days out at work you've been there for him. Thank you for being so reliable and most of all caring. Pippin loved his holiday with you – how do I know, because he nearly knocked me over to get to you the next time you saw him. I would thoroughly recommend you to anyone who was nervous (like me) about leaving their dog for the first time. Julie Kearns


I started using TLC to look after my guinea pigs over the past few years. The service was great all I needed to do was drop off and collect one week later. The service worked well. So when my husbands and daughters wanted a dog I said no at first due to the fact that I worked full time, however, I contacted Michelle from TLC and spoke to her about having my dog during the day and any holiday we went on. So we got an new addition to our family and it has worked out really well. Marg loves it at Michelle's it is like home from home, she always receives a warm welcome and is well looked after in fact she does not always want to come home. The above service is great and it is good to know she is in safe hands. Julie Savage


We were due to go on holiday and our vet recommended Michelle Tucker of TLC Pet Care as a petsitter. I was worried about leaving our three cats as two had health problems and one was on twice daily medication. My husband and I had never gone away without worrying about our pets and I didn't think this time would be any different, but when we met Michelle for the first time I knew straight away that we didn't need to worry. One of our cats, Clyde who was very nervous took to her immediately and although the other two, Milly & Blue were wary Michelle did not push them to come and see her, she just let them go at their own pace. Our dog Mystic went crazy to see her and adored her, he was a very good judge of character!

I felt happy and confident leaving our three cats in the care of Michelle and she never comments of the enormous lists I leave for them! We had a relaxed holiday and on our return our cats were happy and content and didn't seem in the least bit bothered we had gone away. Milly who has a tendency to be rather grumpy, was happy and content and had taken to Michelle. Blue, who has health problems looked amazing and was really happy.

Michelle has looked after our pets on several occasions now and every time the cats have been so content, we don't worry about them and have relaxing holidays.

On our last holiday my Mother in Law stayed in our house to house sit and to keep the pets company as we were leaving Mystic, our dog, behind with the cats. Mystic had health problems too and needed four lots of medication a day. Again Michelle came in and gave medication to Mystic and our cat who needed it and did all the other usual care and feeding. Unfortunately on this occasion Mystic was taken ill, he had cancer, it had never been diagnosed and came as a shock to us all. We first knew something was wrong when Michelle phoned to say Mystic was not eating, we agreed he should go to our vet. After two days of tests it was discovered Mystic had cancer and could not be saved, the news was completely devastating. Throughout the process, with being away on holiday, we felt helpless but knew that Mystic was receiving the best possible care from Michelle. We came home as quickly as we could and arrived in time to say our final farewell to our boy. As any pet owner can imagine it was devastating losing a much loved pet but we got so much comfort knowing Michelle had been looking after Mystic. She had taken him to the vets for us every day and sometimes several times in a day. She put her own life on hold to do everything he needed until we could get home. Mystic adored Michelle and would have felt safe and happy in her hands, as we knew he was.

The one thing that has got us through this process is knowing Mystic was with Michelle, he would have felt safe and comforted with her being there with him. Michelle is a wonderful person who loves any animal as much as we love our own pets. You could not get a more caring and loving person whos ultimate aim is to love, protect and care for our pets.

We are going away again next year and Michelle will be looking after our pets again, she will be looking after our cats at home and our latest addition, Ruby, a five month old puppy is going to board with Michelle. Our only worry this time is Ruby may have Michelle run ragged with her puppy antics!

We trust Michelle completely with the care of our pets, I would never have any hesitation in leaving them in her care, she cannot be faulted in any way and will do anything it takes to ensure your pet is safe, happy and well. We recommend her to all pet owners we know.

Dominique & Simon